Vigo Marine Services



Stern Tube Seal Repairs

UPE has a series of special designed flexible Sealdock® systems that can be mobilized worldwide together with other relevant equipment. Installed around the stern tube we create a dry environment underwater allowing our dive-techs to change out the stern tube seals similar to a dry dock operation.

UPE’s seal bonding procedures are approved by all IACS members.

UPE offers service on products of all major seal manufacturers.

UPE provides 24/7 tailor-made quotations that include local support, seal spares and seal engineers and procedures, regardless of the location of your vessel.

UPE- dive techs are trained and certified by AEGIR-Marine, stern tube seal and propulsion services & spare parts provider.

Propeller Repairs

Qualified and skilled technical staff performs:

  • Propeller cropping
  • Balancing
  • Modifications
  • Straightening
  • Power calculations

UPE’s world wide network allows fast deployment of personnel and equipment at correct market prices combined with a “never promise what you cannot deliver” service.

Approvals from IACS-members Lloyd’s Register and NKK for underwater straightening of bent propeller blades. Class- ABS approved procedure for temporary underwater propeller repairs.

Thruster operations

Creating a dry environment underwater allows:

  • In situ repairs
  • Thruster exchange
  • Blade & blade seals replacement
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Service and repair on Azipods / nozzles / retractable trusters

UPE relies on a worldwide network of local support stations that guarantees fast deployment, competitive tariffs and service with a human approach.

Underwater Maintenance and Repairs

UPE’s world wide underwater services include:

  • Class-approved wet welding
  • Non destructive testing (Eddy Current / US / MPI)
  • Hull & propeller efficiency program
  • IWS & UWILD surveys approved by all IACS-members
  • PCF (propeller cap fin) & energy saving devices refit
  • Anchor recovery & salvage operations

UPE – Underwater Propulsion Engineers is the result of a long-lasting relationship between highly skilled maritime repair and service companies.